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The Catholic Church affirms the inherent dignity of each human being as created in the image and likeness of God. The sexual abuse of a minor is a violation of that person’s dignity for which there is no justification. Minors especially deserve the protection of society, since they cannot adequately provide it for themselves. The Diocese of Charleston is adamant that the abuse of children, including physical injury, sexual molestation, sexual exploitation, or grave emotional damage, will not be tolerated by anyone, especially church personnel.

To complete safe environment training

1. Create a new account by completing all the boxes.  This includes address, primary parish, and how you participate at your parish or school.  

2. Start the Safe Haven: It's Up to You training curriculum.  

3. Download and print your certificate upon completion or email it directly from the site to the office or school you are associated with.

For more information about Safe Environment at Our Lady of Peace Church, please contact the parish Safe Environment Coordinator Kathleen Wahl, by email or phone, or (803) 279-0315 x. 111.

If you have been abused by a priest or other church personnel, please contact law enforcement officials in the area where the abuse occurred. You should also contact the diocese's Victim Assistance Coordinator, Louisa Storen, for pastoral resources, including counseling referral when appropriate: (803) 856-0748 or (800) 921-8122. 

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