Altar Care
This group cares for the altar and other areas of the church's interior.  This can be done at any time during the week according to each individual's schedule.

Linen Care
This group is responsible for taking the linens home with them from the  Masses, laundering and ironing them and returning them to the church.  Some of them also help make new linens when needed.  

Votive Candles
This involves cleaning the candle cups (when necessary) and replacing the candles on a weekly basis.  

Art & Environment
Sometimes referred to as the decorating committee, these parishioners prepare the church liturgically, which includes putting up the Christmas Tree, making the advent wreath, decorating for Easter and setting up appropriate plants during each liturgical season.  They work on an as-needed basis.


Established in 1948, Our Lady of Peace strives to be a faith community giving witness to Jesus Christ through all of its ministries.


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We invite you to send us any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.


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